Let the apps connect

BIZLYNQ is a break-through technology  for instant integration of independent business apps. You don’t need sophisticated programming knowledge to start. With BIZLYNQ, any software used within your business or organization starts to work together seamlessly and data is synchronized automatically.

Apps integration in BIZLYNQ can be compared to creating a mind map – as simple and enjoyable, while still offering many powerful possibilities.

Who is BIZLYNQ for?

For Companies and Organizations

BIZLYNQ lets you to link and synchronize any software, app or databases used in your company or organization with very limited use of your IT resources.

For SaaS products

Do you own SaaS, any kind of web or mobile app? BIZLYNQ will take care of your product by integrating it with any number of apps available on the market.

For Software Integrators

BIZLYNQ lets you focus on your own business and solutions instead of losing resources on time and money consuming integration processes. Meet our ground-breaking integration platform!


SaaS plugins

If your integration needs include connecting just 2 apps or other data sources – we got you covered. BIZLYNQ SaaS Plugins are available to download and install ad hoc. You can also order a dedicated plugin for more specific needs. SaaS plugins plans start with just $20/month.



We spent many hours on manual orders synchronization across different eCommerce platforms. We recovered time that we can spend more wisely on much more important tasks.

Piotr Kapelus Cloudpack 

BIZLYNQ took care of all recurring tasks and reduced time spent on invoices generation to the absolute minimum. We are saving at least $5000 a year.

Pawel Debski eConsulting 

Hard, demanding, time consuming software integration era has ended. We easily integrated many data sources through BIZLYNQ platform. Our developers are in love with this tool.

Mateusz Dolega MDX


Limitless possibilities!

With BIZLYNQ you are free to use numerous data protocols and technologies to connect apps and systems of any kind. The platform supports countless universal data-transform types as well as dedicated for specific apps like Google or Salesforce. You might use our universal Qonnectors to integrate technology of any kind.


Start using BIZLYNQ!

After a DEMO presentation you’ll receive 30-days free trial.