We are integration technology innovators

About us

The idea of founding BIZLYNQ has come to our minds with a very fast technology progress we all observe. Companies are using bunch of different business programs, apps or databases. The number of software used is growing rapidly. We saw a huge challenge, since these apps are not prepared to be connected and communicate between each other. Identical data is duplicated and stored in different places and sometimes even simple processes can’t be automated, because there are too many communication protocols used.
We’ve decided to change the idea of integration forever and introduced revolutionary integration platform that solves 99% of integration problems in the business sector. Be sure to talk to us about possibilities our platform can offer to your business particularly.

Our team:

Sebastian Stolarczyk

CEO, Co-founder

He knows everything about software integration. Previous company he founded was successful in the field of sophisticated IT solutions for finance and banking industry. Sebastian was a leader in dozens of huge integration projects in leading European banks.

Marcin Domański

CTO, Co-founder

He’s a technical brain behind BIZLYNQ platform. His extensive technical knowledge made this platform so effective and scalable. Previously worked as a lead integration architect in multiple commercial projects.

Juliusz Michajłow


He is leading all the marketing, communication and visual projects at BIZLYNQ. Previously was a head of products and marketing within multiple SaaS, eCommerce and online businesses.

Kamil Ferens

New Business manager

He perfectly understands what your biggest integration challenges are and is able to come out with the best solution possible. Previously represented many tech companies as a business development professional.

Our story


After years spent in development and making our product the best of a kind, we were ready to start our business operations. We acquired first key partnerships and customers.

Startup Contest Winner!2014

We’ve been chosen by 50 Cent as a best startup of the year. Our reward was a set of meetings with investors and potential customers in Silicon Valley. We were able to evaluate our product with real people and receive tons of great feedback.

Starting a company2013

We established the company and started to create our dream product – the most innovative software integration platform BIZLYNQ.