System Integrators

Are you an IT integrator?

Focus on those things that are the most crucial for your business. If you are an IT integrator it means most of the time you implement the chosen systems by certain vendors (such as CRM – eg. Microsoft Dynamics, or ERP).
Cooperation with your potential customers often depends if your company is able to integrate new software with currently used IT systems in customer’s infrastructure. The problem is these systems are outdated quite frequently.
So instead of focusing on what your really know and do the best, you need to learn complicated IT systems of your customer. It can end up as a very long process, where you simply loose time and money. Integration does not need to be this hard. You don’t need to invent the wheel over and over again.
BIZLYNQ will help you to focus on your business and solutions you know and implement most often, instead of losing your valuable time and recources on a learning curve with outdated systems. With our integration platform it’s just the matter of hours or days. BIZLYNQ helps you to connect apps of your customers in a flexible way. There are more than 250 supported apps and this number is growing every day.
Create integrations with incredible speeed. Increase the pace of serving new customers and as a result – your revenue. Additionally you can become our reseller.
Forget about complicated integrations.
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