Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between BIZLYNQ and competitive solutions?

BIZLYNQ integrates any kind of apps or data points and doesn’t require specific programming skills. The Platform can work in a hybrid model – both in cloud and in your infrastructure if needed. It also allows you to conduct enterprise-class integrations and pay significantly less than you would pay to our competitors. We are able to provide you with such a great prices, since our platform is probably the most innovative integration solution in the world!

What can I expect from using BIZLYNQ?

BIZLYNQ makes it possible to connect different apps, data points and does it instantly. There is no need to perform routine tasks by your employees. You are saving time and money and your team can receive appropriate data, at appropriate time and appropriate app.
No need to hire more people and software developers to automate your business, processes and integrate apps. With BIZLYNQ you will be able to speed up acquiring new customers and create new services and products faster.

Does integration via BIZLYNQ require any IT engagement?

There are two most frequently used solutions:
  • If there is an IT team in your company, you are free to do it yourself. The BIZLYNQ team will assist you on every step and share required documentations, trainings and guides.
  • If there is NO IT team in your company, BIZLYNQ experts will prepare a dedicated integration through our platform.

What is required from me in order to use Bizlynq?

To utilise 100% of our solution – which is BIZLYNQ’s platform possibilities – it is recommended to have an IT specialist with sound knowledge of XML and familiar with interfaces of the applications that your company aims to integrate.
Simple integration scenarios can be realised by a person without advanced IT skills after a free training given by BIZLYNQ’s experts.
The minimum requirement is having 2-3 applications. The more systems, applications and data sources, the higher benefit from data exchange automatisation.
You might also consider ordering a full integration on demand from BIZLYNQ specialists. That solution doesn’t require any technical skills from your side.

How does BIZLYNQ's implementation process looks like?

The process consists of a few steps:
1. Identifying applications, systems and data sources that are to be integrated by filling in our inquiry form.
2. Gathering specific business requirements regarding integration: data exchange trigger events, data transformations before sending to destined system, debugging scenarios – this phase can be realised on-site or remotely.
3. Implementing requirements – on-site or remotely.
4. Testing integration with a client until final approval – on-site or remotely.
5. Integration deployment. Often by a setup on an ultimate production instance.
Alternative: After a free tutorial form our side, you can create your own integration using BIZLYNQ.

Is my data safe with BIZLYNQ?

BIZLYNQ does not store any sensitive business data, especially information sent between client’s applications.
Our platform is flexible enough to work both as a cloud service (SaaS) model and on client’s own infrastructure (on-premises), which completely secures client’s data. There is also an option to set up a secured VPN tunnel between BIZLYNQ’s servers and client’s applications that guarantees data safety without any additional infrastructure costs for your company.

Can I buy a life-time license of your service?

Yes. In this case please contact us. However, we highly recommend SaaS model that guarantees fast and constant updates of major features. Additionally, SaaS model is fully integrated with our Qonnector Market store that gives you unlimited access to our plug-ins database, widening standard BIZLYNQ’s possibilities.

Do you provide connector updates?

As it happens with regular applications, connectors have their versions and previously built integration component recognises the connector version it should launch with. Updating connector does not influence running of previous versions in any way. Connectors are updated every 6 months.
It is possible to update the connector on client’s demand. In this case the update takes 3 to 30 days.

Where are BIZLYNQ's servers located?

Servers are located in Warsaw, Poland.

What apps do you support? I can't see my app on your website

BIZLYNQ lets your connect any app or data source. Some of the apps are provided with dedicated BIZLYNQ plugins (eg. Salesforce, SALESmanago). The others can be easily connected with the use of our universal Qonnectors. In case of any doubts please contact us:

How does BIZLYNQ compare to Zapier?

B2B & B2C
Zapier is a solution tailored for consumers and companies with smaller needs. BIZLYNQ is a business-class system for SMEs.
Different data sources
Zapier allows you to connect apps only and doesn’t allow you to add additional sources such as databases or files. Zapier doesn’t work on communication protocols  (eg. HTTP, FTP itp.) and software that is not on Zapier supported apps list.
BIZLYNQ supports most of the data formats and standard communication protocols. Adding any app you would like to have integrated (such as . HR, payroll, logistics, ERP or CRM) is possible only in BIZLYNQ and its universal Qonnectors.
Advanced scenarios
Zapier can connect only two apps at the same time (like Gmail with Salesforce) within one scenario, aka “Zap”. BIZLYNQ lets you to connect unlimited number of apps or other data sources which would be just impossible with Zapier.
Zapier share only predefined data flows within 2 apps. For example: when choosing Gmail as you starting point the number of supported apps you can connect with Gmail goes down in a drastic way – so you can not transfer data to ANY app that is on Zapier’s supported apps list. BIZLYNQ provides full support for unlimited number of apps with any data flows in any order.


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