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Integration challenges of SaaS products

Acquiring a customer

It’s hard, it’s time consuming and sometimes impossible to do. It happens quite often since your app is not integrated with other apps your potential customers are using.

Integration is hard

Everyday you have to deal with a nightmare: multiple projects at once, running product development, improving sales & marketing. Lack of people and time often ends with no possibility to integrate your software with other apps your customers need. Integration itself can be pricy and problematic.

Your own product

Every business owner wants to improve own business and company. It means you’d rather need to focus on sales and marketing, all the rest is lower priority and a bigger challenge to handle.

Wake up your SaaS product potential!

Get our solution: Konektu.io

Ready to use Add-on

Every company has own business goals and needs, we know it. With BIZLYNQ you can expect individual approach for essential technology integration matters. Plugins – the solution product created for your special needs to pair your product and any 3rd party app ad hoc.

Cloud Sync

You can be 100% sure your data or your customers’ data is safe in BIZLYNQ. Data is synchronized through safe BIZLYNQ Cloud. You don’t need to worry about infrastructure or development at all.


Your SaaS app customer can be served individualy with BIZLYNQ. Any kind of plugin you might need will be ready during a couple of days. The more customers of your product use the plugin,
the less the monthly payment is.

Tech Support

With BIZLYNQ you can focus on your business instead of creating numerous integrations. Within the plugin subscription we offer full support and any help needed for you or your end customers.

Konektu.io benefits

No development

You shouldn’t care about technical aspects – the whole integration of your SaaS app and the 3rd party apps and end-customers infrastructure is handled by BIZLYNQ integration specialists.

Increase sales

Since you have more time for the most important, you can plan and execute your business strategy more effectively, by focusing on sales or marketing, not integration. We help you to sell more by allowing to sell where you couldn’t before because of lack of integration.

Competitive advantage

Increase your competitiveness on the market by integrating your product with over 250 apps and IT systems supported by BIZLYNQ. This number is growing fast, as is your advantage by using this powerful plugins.

Bizlynq Plugins business model


This is the percent of problems related to software and data integration you will be able to solve by using BIZLYNQ.
We offer easy, effective and safe solution.

There are 4 steps to start using Plugins.

We define the most important integration needs for you product and chosen 3rd party apps.
BIZLYNQ creates dedicated plugins within a couple of days.
After Plugins are created we deploy it in safe BIZLYNQ cloud. First integrations for your app end customers are online.
You’re increasing your sales by gaining more customers and using more plugins for next integrations.

Konektu.io Pricing

small SaaS


  • Medium Transfer limit/h
  • 1 Chosen integration
  • 8/5 Support
Big SaaS


  • Huge Transfer limit/h
  • 1 Chosen integration
  • 8/5 Support