Why you should consider using BIZLYNQ?

Technology of tomorrow!

Our experts have years of experience in integration projects, including projects with the use of leading integration platforms according to Gartner. When we’ve been developing our own platform, we have taken into account the most restrictive issues from competitive tools and created the technological solution that is 20 years ahead of popular integration platforms in terms of their stability, flexibility and security.

Integration painkiller

Integration is always a huge challenge for everyone, especially that the process is very time consuming and requires expert specialists. We have a universal remedy that will make you forget about integration pain and let you focus on what you are best at – running your own business. We will create a fully customized integration for you or alternatively you can create your own one using BIZLYNQ platform. Either way, it will take just couple of days.

Cost-effective integration

Finding right vendors, connecting applications, modifying and synchronizing data – all that is a huge challenge for a company. It all tops up the project budgets and every single change in the project creates additional costs. Stop overpaying! In BIZLYNQ we offer you any integration of your choice at the most competitive subscription rates on the market. Crystal clear pricing plans, without any hidden costs.

Discover BIZLYNQ possibilities

Apps integration

Easily connect all mission critical systems and apps in your company. Make data exchange between your applications possible and effective.

Costs reduction

Avoid performing routine activities manually, over and over. Increase new opportunities for your own business and avoid unnecessary costs of hiring new staff .


Availability, consistency is crucial in running a business. BIZLYNQ lets you to synchronize any data between your apps and databases (within and outside your company) and keeps it safe and up-to date in easy way.

Always up-to-date

Regardless of software version, BIZLYNQ takes care of updating its connectors to the latest API requirements of any apps you’re using. Forget about integration update costs! We got you covered!

Cloud/on-premises flexibility

You can use BIZLYNQ in a preferred PaaS model (Platform-as-a-Service) or by deploying your  integration in your own server infrastructure.

It's safe!

We do not store any sensitive data. All data connections between your servers and BIZLYNQ are secured by 256 bit SSL encryption, following the highest standards of the data transfer security.

Experts' support

We deliver 360° support at every step of your integration, starting from advanced business requirements analysis to full customization of final integration. Ask us for an additional help and let our experts guide you.

Dedicated plugins

If all you need is to create a simple yet powerful integration of your software with another app, without using entire integration platform, we are eager to deliver ready to use plugin at very attractive price! Check our plugins offer.

Advanced data transformation

BIZLYNQ, unlike other platforms, not only connects applications and data points, but also transforms various data formats and protocols into universal language, letting all the apps communicate with each other as they were meant to be connected from the very beginning.

With BIZLYNQ we were able to avoid countless errors coming from manual data processing between our CRM and other sales-support apps. It drastically helped us to lower the costs, strengthening our company image and increasing revenue as the result. Highly recommended!


If you want to implement your processes in the fastest and affordable way, BIZLYNQ CLOUD is providing max security for the data transferred, by using IPsec encryption between you and our servers.

BIZLYNQ integration platform has been initially created to operate as PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). If your company restrictions are too high to use cloud solutions, we provide a full-featured installation of the platform on your own servers. All integration processes are created online and can be downloaded to you infrastructure with the BIZLYNQ Integration Engine.

Do you need dedicated support for more advanced integrations? We’re ready to provide you with appropriate number of integration experts to support a project of any level of complexity.

Create and observe integration results in real time!

Integration process do not need to take an analysis conducted for many months and even longer integration-coding project. With BIZLYNQ even the most advanced integration is the matter of either hours of days, with minimal coding skills needed